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"Some gifts are big.
Others are small.
But the ones that
come from the heart
are the best gifts of all"

- Tinku Razoria - 

We are a brand that offers products to give and share either for someone you appreciate or for you. Founded by an entrepreneur and a designer, they had a vision together: create significant products that you can share combining a beautiful design, together with an excellent quality and full of love for people who like to receive gifts, but at the same time want to keep them forever. Our product line endeavors to tell a story. 

Either as an individual product or in combination with another item from the same line of Pillow and Toast. From your wedding day, the birth of your firstborn, to the decoration of your first bedroom. We want to offer a range of products that help to tell your personal story and that every detail in your home reminds you of a special moment.

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